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Eurest is a leading provider of catering in the business and industrial sector, whose main activity is the management of restaurants, canteens and vending machines in large companies and public organizations such as schools and hospitals. It is also part of the Compass Group which is the largest contract foodservice company in the world, with operations in 45 countries, employing more than 600.000 people worldwide and serves 5.5 billion meals per year.


Due to the constant evolution of the applications used, Eurest needed a Cloud solution that would allow them to have an integrated Backup management with the possibility of having a Disaster Recovery solution, with low operating costs. A constant process of revision of the IT infrastructure was adopted in order to well manage its costs, adjusting to the needs of each moment, taking advantage of the Cloud benefits, such as the ease of scaling and responding to usage peaks, making the resources available when needed.

Why AWS and Magic Beans?

Since Eurest was already using Amazon Web Services (AWS) in various processes and services, they quickly concluded that this would be the ideal platform to implement this project.

Eurest chose Magic Beans as they recognized an experienced, highly qualified and certified partner, capable of planning and implementing highly complex and flexible solutions while meeting time and cost constraints.


In the process of migration and adoption of the AWS Cloud, the base architecture includes services such as: Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) for computing, Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Simple Storage Service (S3) for storage purposes, among others.

For the Business Continuity process Amazon Machine Images (AMI) are created with the respective EBS replicating the on-premises server disks.

In a 1st phase, a backup solution was created using Lambda functions to create AMI's and EBS Snapshots. Snapshots are incremental Backups, which only store data that has changed since the last Backup of EBS volumes. Later, they are stored in S3, decreasing the costs of Storage.

In order to increase data resilience and achieve a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment, AMI's are copied to another AWS region.

Later, the hypothesis of optimization of the previously implemented solution arose, using the implementation of the AWS Backup service, which facilitates the centralization and automation of data backups, replacing Lambda functions, performing the same processes, but in an integrated manner.

Eurest Backup & DR Architecture

Results and Benefits

AWS Storage solutions enable Eurest to keep pace with the growth requirements of the various Workloads by easily and quickly implementing EBS and S3 Storage solutions, which meet the challenges of daily operation and the need for growth in Business Continuity using AWS Backup.

With the implementation of the Business Continuity solution, Eurest is now able to have greater flexibility in the use of resources, thus achieving a better service and a more controlled approach to IT costs.

By implementing the AWS Backup solution, it was possible to quickly and simply automate the integrated management of Backups in separate Regions, thereby ensuring data redundancy, enabling rapid deployment of the DR infrastructure.

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