Digital Process Automation


The complexity of the business processes is increasingly present in our lives

Tasks that used to be done manually and laboriously are done today in multiple digital systems mainly supported with email with a clear lack of productivity generating potential breaches of compliance.

The automation of business processes is mandatory to accelerate productivity and efficiency. Processes can be done today easily with just a few touches on the screen of a smartphone.

The automation of processes is increasingly a concern of both individuals and managers. They urgently want to reduce the time spent in their daily processes.

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Value Differentiators

Keep Control over your Automation

  • Manage end-to-end processes with an automated workflow management
  • Centralize data, trends and forecasts through dashboards
  • Automate retry on error
  • Alert on error
  • Monitor execution and resource utilization

Integrate anywhere

  • Open solution accessible through common APIs
  • Connectors to most common data sources
  • Integration with existing data sources such as ERP, BPM, BI, etc.
  • Setup event-based scheduling and triggers to react to any external event
  • Openness and full integration with existing processes

Improve user adoption

  • User friendly interfaces to increase user adoption: multi-language, graphical, SDK
  • Simplified controls to distribute workflows at scale, manage errors, etc.
  • Scalable, with dynamic resource pool
  • Setup recurring jobs and workloads with a granular and rich planner

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